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Vin Doré
Since there is trade and variety , man has been attracted to the concept of exclusivity. Feel that we are better or more powerful by owning something rare, unique. That glitz and glamor that provide premium products.
Delight and Glamor

Sparkling wine with
gold dust 24k

Gin Plantium Gold
The Gin PLATINUM GOLD joined with Vin Doré 24K , creator of one of the most glamorous drinks in the world , to produce the best London dry and exclusive gin , gold 24K incorporating powder remains in suspension for more than 30 minutes in the bottle and indefinitely in your glass .


VinDore Italia – Vini con oro 24k


24K gold dust Cava

24K Gold dust

24K Gold Sparkling Wine

 From the combination of glamour and gastronomy emerges one of the most luxurious pleasures to delight sybarites, Vin Doré 24K, with its exquisite scent and taste. Our products have been previously treated with religious care under the traditional method Champenoise. The caves temperature and silence are the catalysts of their best scents and tastes.


Documental Sobre el Cava con Oro Vin Doré 24k

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